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Visual Studio Add-ins at BASTA!

20070605_Basta I’ve received an email that I was accepted as a speaker for the BASTA! conference in September in Mainz, Germany . The topic will be the development of add-ins for Visual Studio 2005.

There’s a thing or two that I learned while working on GhostDoc that I’d like to share. My goal is to show both how easy it is to write and debug a simple add-in to be used just by yourself (and maybe your closest buddies), and what it takes to create a “production quality” add-in that runs on the various language versions of Windows and/or Visual Studio.

This will be my first “large” conference as a speaker and I’m sure it will be pretty exciting. Good thing that I’ll have a “warm-up phase” in the next months, speaking about Visual Studio extensibility in general at various .NET user groups (more on that soon).

Note to self: Things to avoid as a speaker


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