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2005-09-09: Visiting Microsoft

from left to right: my colleague Jochen Manns, Keen Brown (MS),
me, my other colleague Sascha Lehmann

That was fun!

2005-04-26: GhostDoc in "Visual Studio Hacks"

  If you happen to come across this book, be sure to take a look at the pages 280 - 285 ;-) This is the section about GhostDoc that I contributed and I'm pretty amazed how little the editors at O'Reilly changed my original text.

I didn't have the time to read the whole book yet, but what from what I saw I must say the book made a really good first impression.  For instance, the first 30 pages cover virtually everything you should know about project and solution files, without any fluff, right down to the data format of the files. Other books would have stretched this content over 100 pages without adding more value.

2005-03-31: Website Facelift

Time for some spring cleanup, so the old header had to go.

2005-02-13: First Public Release of LastBoxStanding

LastBoxStanding is a Windows service that I wrote for managing the server in my LAN. After using it for a couple of weeks, it's now finally polished enough for a public release. More information here.

2005-01-26: GhostDoc to be Featured in Upcoming Book

The book "Visual Studio Hacks" by James Avery (O'Reilly, ISBN: 0596008473, expected release date end of February), will contain a section about GhostDoc, written by me. James contacted me back in August '04 (shortly after GhostDoc won the Add-in programming contest) and offered me to write a few pages. Now I'm curious to see what the editors at O'Reilly thought about my English writing skills and what's left of my original text ;-) 

2005-01-04: Y2K5 Ready...

Just a small update of the website (copyright notice, links fixed, and a bit more color). Watch this space for somewhat bigger news in the next weeks (when my NDA is lifted).

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